Community Communications Programs Dessie, Ethiopia

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Community Communications Programs (CCPs) offer locals from the villages surrounding the city of Dessie the opportunity to learn about and discuss a variety of subjects under the guidance of experts from different professions. Doctors, nurses and agricultural specialists are invited to offer advice and support the local communities with their expertise. Sentayu, a wonderful nurse who has dedicated herself to working at Nigat for a decade, offers daily seminars and workshops for adults, adolescents and children. She works hard with her programs to achieve clarity and social cohesion around stigmatized issues such as female circumcision, HIV/AIDS and contraception. 

Thanks to these CCPs, members of the rural communities are able to discuss, with professional guidance, subjects such as poor health and/or the living conditions of the disadvantaged. CCPs attempt to fill gaps often caused by lack of information or education and offer the chance to broach taboo issues with qualified professionals.

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