What & Who 


We are a small group of friends that acts and works on a free-of-charge basis, as we simply believe in and love, what we do. And what we do is non-profit. We have been doing this since 2005, which includes releasing records, selling visuals, exchanging know-how, organizing events and other creative aspects of life, in order to raise funds for our social projects and local NGOs in Subsaharan Africa. 

We put special care into directing these funds into overseeable projects that are initiated by local NGOs and provide support for local communities in Subsaharan Africa. The collaboration with local projects is thus a core aspect of PfefferminzGreen, as we believe in their ideas and initiatives. 

We are offended by the expression charitable organization. We call ourselves a partner, in some cases an incubator of local NGOs.

Up to this day, we have managed to run PfefferminzGreen solely by relying on handshakes. We think bureaucracy is a killer. Thus, all friends and artists involved share their talent, skills and ideas on a free-of-charge basis. 

In comparison to many other charitable organizations, which use large amounts of donations to cover their overhead expenses, PfefferminzGreen forwards 100% of all funds and donations to local NGOs and/or social projects in situ. None of our releases or art experiences are financed by donations.