Tita Youth Center

In 2010, PfefferminzGreen funded the construction of a youth center in Tita. It is now not only a place of refuge for children and adolescents, but has grown to be a pivotal point for the entire community. A whole spectrum of courses and workshops are offered. These include theater and dance workshops, computer classes, girls club, and many more. The premises are also used for adult literacy classes and agricultural workshops, courses that are especially helpful to those who run or plan to run a private business. Many members of the Tita community as well as surrounding villages have initially learned to read, write and do basic calculations, before they found themselves in a position to manage their own income and expenditures. Tita Youth Center has such an enormous grasp, that Bezalign and the village community of Gerado, a town outside Dessie, planned the construction of a second facility. The building is now ready for occupation, and is currently being furnished. Connections for power supply and electricity are laid. The next step is the planning of a course program.