NIGAT & PfefferminzGreen - Coffeeproject in Wogdie/Ethiopia


In the beginning of 2017 PfefferminzGreen managed to receive a considerable amount of funding by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation & Development in order to finance our, up till today, biggest project in Ethiopia (Thanks again to Simone, for all her efforts in the application procedure!). By sharing the total costs (25% PfefferminzGreen; 75 % Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation & Development) an entire community of 1500 coffee farmers, their families as well as numerous unemployed teenagers were able independently to increase their harvest of coffee, fruit and vegetables substantially.

This was accomplished by the coffee farmers themselves

Since more than ten years PfefferminzGreen partners closely with the Ethiopian Non-Governmental Organization Nigat Community Development Association (NCDA). What makes NIGAT unique and sustainable is their effort in supporting and empowering local communities by hearing and discussing their own visions of improvement. All project ideas stem from these communities and are also implemented by them. NCDA is only supervising and monitoring the realization of each project. In this specific case, a cooperative of coffee farmers, called “Coffee Association”, advocated this coffee project and was ultimately also responsible for its Implementation.

The project consisted of a variety and broad set of measures

On the one hand, water canals were cemented to prevent water from trickeling away, a water reservoir was fixed and a new one was constructed, the existing coffee plants were cut back and new ones were planted. Additionally, mango, avocado and lemon trees were planted fulfilling two purposes:  To give shade to the coffee plants and to guarantee biodiversity. In addition the harvest provides for extra income.

On the other hand, NCDA specifically trained the farmers on a variety of subjects. General workshops aimed at their alphabetization and ensured a basic training on topics such as finance, nutrition, hygiene and health. In specific workshops on coffee related matters, participants were given the chance to increase their expertise on coffee farming, storage or production increase.

PfefferminzGreen is extremely proud of and thankful for working together with NIGAT on this highly sustainable project and is looking forward to realize new ones in future.


A few impressions of our visit