Female Genital Mutilation Workshops

To create awareness and eventually to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) the local musician Mohamed Conteh from “Black Beatz Entertainment”, sponsored by PfefferminzGreen, held workshops in five different districts to train FGM ambassadors. Together with his band and several young helpers he travelled from village to village in Port Loko District to speak about FGM, a harmful traditional practice, which creates severe mental and physical problems to more than 80% of Sierra Leonean girls and women.

Led by a well-informed female leader in each village, a group of ten girls, who mostly had not been subjected to FGM, were trained to become ambassadors conveying and distributing the message in their respective villages against FGM.

The girls received a thorough training in which they first were informed, also in their local dialect and by survivors, about FGM (as they had nearly no knowledge of it).  Secondly and through obtaining this information, the girls became truly convinced, engaged and enthusiastic ambassadors for the fight against FGM.

PfefferminzGreen is looking forward to continue to support Mohamed Conteh’s work in Sierra Leone in order to inform more and more people on this important topic. Mohamed and his colleagues have reached out to thousands of girls and boys in many different villages by singing in the streets. Many youngsters (but also adults and elderly people!) dare to listen, ask questions and speak about a topic, which is up to today, still a taboo issue in most rural areas of Sierra Leone.