Campaign against Female Genital Mutilation

Mohamed Conteh (3rd from the right) is a well-known musician in Port Loko District (Sierra Leone). It is a personal matter to him to speak out to kids, both girls and boys, as well as their families about the life-threatening risks of Female Genital Mutialtion (FGM) as well as teenage pregnancies. Through music, dance and theatre with specific lyrics he is gaining the attention of many people. He addresses those subjects which are usually taboo and unexpressed, especially FGM which still today affects almost 90 % of the girls and women in Sierra Leone. Along with several friends Mohamed developed a performance and toured in the villages of Port Loko district from the 18th until the 22nd of april 2017. His audience listened anxiously, danced along and asked several questions. A lot of children, especially girls, got enthusiastic about the messages of Mohamed’s songs and -motivated by his performances- dare to address the subject in their families and the local communities. PfefferminzGreen will keep supporting further tours of Mohamed and his friends in order to reach out to as many people throughout Sierra Leone.


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