In August 2016 PfefferminzGreen started the construction of an orphanage in Rolal/Port Loko District. We are happy to announce that 25 orphans finally got their own new home which is situated right next to our school and kindergarten. The location enables the kids to visit school classes every day without walking far distances. Up to February 2017, when the new building was completed, the kids had to live inside the school building which was built by AIM and PfefferminzGreen a couple of years before. It created a problematic situation for the kids as well as the quality of teaching. The new orphanage was financed with the support of the Rotary Club Frankfurt. Today it gives new perspectives to many parentless and vulnerable children.

The head of the orphanage, Mrs. Agness Bangura, is taking care of the 25 kids who each lost their parents due to the Ebola virus epidemic. Furthermore two other woman names Mariatu and Kadiatu help Mrs. Bangura with the cleaning, cooking and caring of the little ones.


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