40 ft container from Frankfurt to Freetown

In August 2014, PfefferminzGreen sent a 40 ft container with medical supplies to combat Ebola, clothing, blankets, school furniture and supplies as well as books to Rolal/Port Loko District.

The planning began in April 2014 before the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic. Originally PfefferminzGreen wanted to fully equip the school and kindergarden by means of the container. However, during the planning phase, Ebola quickly spread from Guinea to Sierra Leone, and reached the region of our school within a few weeks. 

After an invocation via email and Facebook, hundreds of people donated school supplies. More difficult was the provision of medical supplies. We are very grateful to the (Rotary Club, Dr. Zöllner, Christoph Sattler…) for their support.

In November 2014, the container reached the port of Freetown and even made it through the quarantine zone at Rolal. Protective clothing, body bags, more than 120,000 latex gloves and more was handed to the medical center in Port Loko that same month.