The youth center in Tita
(a suburb of Dessie in Ethiopia), funded by PfefferminzGreen, will be continued to be supported financially by PfefferminzGreen.

The funds will mainly be used for the further development of the center, e.g. for sanitary facilities, furniture as well as school material and daily hot meals for approximately 70 children. Furthermore, grandparents having to feed and support their grandchildren will receive financial aid. The grandparents may contact the youth center at all times. Designated social workers will give support on site. Due to HIV/AIDS the parent generation is dying and traditional family structures are deteriorating. Grandparents cannot be taken care of by their children anymore, although this has been tradition for centuries. Moreover, they now have to take care of their grandchildren. Many are overwhelmed by this situation. The youth center supports grandparents by offering meals and school material.

The youth center specifically aims at getting children and adolescents off the streets, in order to give them a perspective for the future. The children become involved in all tasks of daily life, as for example in the construction process of the center. Different forms of craftsmanship, such as sowing or weaving, are being taught.

PfefferminzGreen receives regular reports on the developments in the youth center. We are very proud of the large number of children that were able to attend school last year due to the generous donations received by PfefferminzGreen.