3 Stars for PfefferminzGreen

SEVEN SWANS & LINDENBERG present »3 Stars for PfefferminzGreen« – Matthias Schmidt & Jan Hoffmann cook for Ethiopia. The smallest restaurant in Frankfurt, SEVEN SWANS, and the guest community of LINDENBERG, decided to put their heads together in order to support a wonderful social project in Wogdie, northern Ethiopia: The Blind & Deaf project which was started in 2013 by our local partner NGO Nigat. 38 Blind and deaf young students get the chance to visit a school, learn how to read Braille, to communicate via sign language, and even attend music lessons. All of the 38 disabled students receive a warm meal every day, support in transportation, a school uniform and learning materials.

On the 4th of September 2016, former Two-Star-Chef Matthias Schmidt and Star-Chef Jan Hoffmann served a vegetarian five-course menu with selected Ethiopian and regional ingredients. Apart from excellent food and the unique chance of watching the duo and their cooking skills, the guests also got the chance of acquiring hand-signed pictures of images from the Blind & Deaf Project, photographed by Oliver Tamagnini during his visit at the projects in Ethiopia in 2015.

100% of all incomes from this special evening went directly to the Blind & Deaf Project. PfefferminzGreen wants to express its sincere thanks to all guests of the dinner as well as Matthias and Jan for a great evening and their support of Ethiopia.