ein liebes kochbuch

Inspired by the success of the beekeeping-projects in Tita and Gerado, PfefferminzGreen decided to support further bee projects in Ethiopia. Wogdi, a small village in northern Ethiopia, now benefits from 35 hard working bee colonies. By selling the honey at the local market all of the participants at the project (as well as their families) have a regular income. The bee colonies grow and split year by year. So let`s see how many people will benefit from this wonderful project in future. The setup of the whole project was financed by – a cookbook. A lovely cookbook created by enthusiasm - the enthusiasm of Lili Woeller for cooking & inventive receipts, the enthusiasm of Tim Thiel to set the stage for these special dishes and last but not least the enthusiasm of Stefanie Seif to layout both receipts and dishes, giving the finishing touch to “ein liebes kochbuch”.

When PfefferminzGreen drew the attention to the idea of the community of Wogdi, Lilli, Stefanie and Tim decided that every cent people donate for their book should be given to the bee project in Wogdie, providing tasks and securing a small but steady income to at first 15 families (more information: click here).

If you are interested in the cookbook: Just send an e-mail to info@pfefferminzgreen.com. Or just transfer any amount which you think is suitable for "ein liebes kochbuch" to PfefferminzGreen e.V.-  IBAN: DE28480201510005075955 - BIC: LAMPDEDDXXX (we are able to issue donation receipts for fundings of 30€ or higher). Please state your address in the transferral and note “ein Liebeskochbuch”. The book will be straight on its way to you as soon as the payment came in.