′Once a bird breaks through the coldness of our urban landscapes on its journey to motherland, it sings a song for every swan it had to leave behind.′ 

The unique music for this theme was written, performed and recorded by South African guitarist Derek Gripper. This avant-garde, Cape Townian guitar composition magically tells the story of Frankfurt's swans left behind during the winter from an African perspective. It was exclusively released by PfefferminzGreen on vinyl as a hand-signed limited edition. The vinyl was placed inside an elaborate box, which was beautifully designed by Matthias Scherer and Charly Cyris. It was complemented by 11 printed swan images captured by the talented Frankfurt-based photographer Oliver Tamagnini. 

The vinyl release party took place in Frankfurt's narrowest building at Mainkai 4 within a beautiful winter setting. In addition to Derek Gripper's live performance, the evening was highlighted by Simon Horn's superb delicacies and Michael Rütten's deep and yet upbeat dance floor tunes. 

As always, no PfefferminzGreen funds were used to finance this project. However, 100% of all turnover generated by the SONGS FOR THE SWANS LEFT BEHIND project were directly forwarded to the CPMT relief project in Ethiopia.