Joy Denalane and LIEBESKIND Berlin have much in common - for example, their absolute and never-ending passion for what they do. However, their most important source of inspiration is Berlin! All of the experiences, feelings and impressions that come from this city inspire innovation and creativity that are realized in the form of new styles and melodies. 

They are also both very interested in Africa and like helping others in need, which is why they worked on an exciting new project together. And the energetic commitment of PfefferminzGreen is also important for them, because this project specifically and sustainably supported their Helping Others Help Themselves initiative. 

LIEBESKIND also worked in partnership with Joy during her tour, "Maureen Live 2011". For every interested concert-goer, LIEBESKIND donated €5 in the name of the guest to Pfefferminzgreen. These donations were used to construct a youth center in Tita, Ethiopia. 

This, however, was just the beginning, as new collaborative projects are already in the pipeline. Another product of their cooperation is the jointly created "JOY" charity bag, a limited edition handbag - only 5,000 bags were produced worldwide. For every handbag sold, €40 went directly to Pfefferminzgreen.